Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Product Reviewer Blogging

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Yes!  I'm a Product Reviewer Blogging About...

I felt it would be a good idea to start a blog speaking about products I have bought and used over the years.  Many times I've recorded videos speaking about the pros and cons of the products I bought and uploaded the videos to my YouTube Channel.  I felt starting a product review blog would be a fun outlet to discuss products purchased over the years.

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There is no rhythm or rhyme with the order of blog pages here.  Each blog page will speak about a different product and offer a product review video.  Some of the reviews might speak about a service I paid for.  If I happened to record a video about a particular service I bought, I'll share it here too.  :)

I hope you enjoy the product reviews pros and cons.  Any questions or thoughts?  Simply post you questions and comments in the comment section.

For the homepage of this blog, I'll start off speaking about the Coney Island Aquarium In Brooklyn New York.  OK, I know this is not a product review BUT it was one of the first videos I recorded and created speaking about a place I had a wonderful day at with my BFF. The video was taken right after the update of the aquarium.  I felt this video and place of fun deserved a shout out.

Coney Island Aquarium In Brooklyn New York

Swivel Store Product Review

This video speaking about the Swivel Store Space Saver Product was the first product video clip I recorded.  I still use this product.  The Swivel Store increased my cabinet space by 10%.  Nothing fancy but a true blue product review.

Freeport Olympic Outside Pool

A hidden treasure located in Freeport, Long Island New York.  Recreation policy not to use cameras but the time of day was just right to take this amazing video clip.  Mid September and nobody was around.  Picture perfect.